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Introduction to Your Personal Light

You may have heard the phrase "finding your light" or "feeling lit up". But what does it mean? When you're experiencing a burst of creativity, optimism, motivation, inspiration, and a deep connection to yourself and your environment, you are experiencing this "light" phenomenon.

With so much going on in the world, many of us are left drained, overwhelmed and unmotivated. My hope with creating Youniversal Energy is to help equip you with some tips and resources to help light you up. Maintaining your inner light influences your health, relationships, strength, gratitude and beauty. Every day, we have opportunities to ignite our inner light and thereby transform our life experiences. So how do we find this "inner light"? And how do we continue to maintain "lit up"? The answers to these questions require a brief introduction to energy.

Every person and every living thing has its own unique energy. Some call it an "aura" or "vibe". It's all energy. You are energy. Your personal energy introduces you before you even have to say one word. Your energy even precedes your presence in a room. Your energy is so powerful that it influences prosperity, success, and good health. Human bodies are literally bodies of energy that emit electromagnetic fields. The electricity of our bodies is influenced by electromagnetic fields given off by devices such as: cell phones, TV, microwave, Wi-Fi routers, in addition to the magnetic field of the Earth itself. Did you know that the electromagnetic fields of other people directly influence our own? Perhaps you've noticed you feeling inspired or drained after being in a room with another person. That's because your personal energy was affected by the energy of another person.

Your energy is the power source for your inner light. In future blogs, I'll highlight leading factors that impact your energy. I hope that I can inspire hope and help you take control of your own personal energy so that you can ignite your light.


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